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My Summer Car: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Car Builders

by Zack Norman
My Summer Car: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Car Builders

Welcome to the thrilling world of My Summer Car, where car building meets survival mechanics! If you’re a beginner or an automotive enthusiast eager to embark on this adventure, this guide will equip you with everything you need to know to construct your dream car, the Satsuma, and survive the challenges that lie ahead.

Ensuring Survival

Survival is the key to success in My Summer Car. Your in-game character requires proper care, including eating, drinking, and getting sufficient rest. Neglecting these basic needs can lead to permadeath, resulting in a complete restart. Before venturing into the car-building process, stock up on food and drinks to keep your character well-nourished during your journey.

Acquiring the Perfect Ride

To begin your quest, you’ll need a reliable vehicle to reach the town and gather essential car parts. The Hayosiko Pace van, conveniently located near Uncle Kesseli’s house, is a great choice. A countdown timer will remind you to return the van, so plan your trip wisely. If the van is unavailable, alternative options like boats, mopeds, or tractors can transport you to Peräjärvi, the bustling town where your car dreams will come to life.

Unveiling Teimo’s Treasures

Teimo’s shop is a treasure trove for car enthusiasts, housing most of the crucial parts needed for your Satsuma. When you visit Teimo’s, make sure to tick off these essential items from your shopping list:

  • Alternator Belt (295mk)
  • Battery (495mk)
  • Coolant (2 bottles – 390mk)
  • Motor/Engine Oil (2 bottles – 298mk)
  • Brake/Clutch Fluid (4 bottles – 140mk)
  • Spark Plug Box (contains 4 spark plugs – 99mk)
  • Light Bulb Box (contains 2 bulbs – 55.90mk)

Essential Additions

While at Teimo’s shop, remember to grab some sausages for sustenance, beer for hydration, and cigarettes for moments of stress relief. If you plan to use the boat or moped, consider purchasing a bottle of two-stroke fuel for 99mk. Keep in mind that your shopping spree may surpass 2,000mk, so it’s wise to have enough funds at hand.

Investing in Quality

In My Summer Car, parts can deteriorate over time, requiring replacements. While you can opt to repair damaged parts at Fleetari’s repair shop, it’s wiser to invest in new components for enhanced durability. Fleetari’s shop also offers convenient tools like the fuel mixture gauge and ratchet set, making your car-building journey smoother and more efficient.

Assembling the Satsuma

Now comes the moment you’ve been waiting for – building your Satsuma from the ground up! Embrace the immersive experience of attaching each component with precision and tightening the nuts and bolts appropriately. Follow the instructions diligently and use the correct tools for each part to ensure a seamless construction process.


Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge and expertise to master the art of building your very own Satsuma in My Summer Car. Remember to balance your character’s survival needs with your car-building pursuits for a successful outcome. Enjoy the journey, and may your Satsuma conquer the roads of Peräjärvi with style and grace!

In summary, this comprehensive My Summer Car guide will help you become a skilled car builder while navigating the survival challenges. By following these tips and tricks, you’re well on your way to conquering the world of My Summer Car and crafting the ultimate Satsuma. Happy building!

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