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2015 Ford Edge Problems – Is It Really That Unreliable?

by Kelvin Yates

Ford was founded on the 16th of June 1903 by Henry Ford. It was the first automobile manufacturer to have an automated production line. They were well known for their muscle cars and also reliability. Can the same be said about the Ford Edge? 2015 Ford Edge problems cannot be overlooked when talking about the reliability of Ford.

The model has been one of the best-selling SUVs for this automobile giant. Ford Edge has been the company’s best-seller since it became popular on the streets in 2007. As a 5 seater, this model offered enough space to be really comfortable inside and the versatility it offered is also noteworthy.

The mid-size SUV did attract a lot of families towards it.  It offers two-row flexible seating for up to five and a spacious cargo compartment. The standard front-wheel drive gave a lot of drivers confidence driving through any terrain they faced. If you did choose to go for an even better four-wheel-drive option, you could slay any obstacle in front of you. You could easily track through graveled roads, sticky mud, and even knee-deep snow with ease.

After praising this creation for a while now, let’s pop the question. Are these accused 2015 Ford Edge problems true? Are they really unreliable? The answer is not so straightforward. There is definitely a lot to look at before making a conclusion.

Ford Edge Reliability

With over 350 models in the Ford lineup, it begs the question, are Ford quality manufacturers? That’s especially so in this day and age when considering reliability, Ford is at an average level. Consumers ranked Ford at #21 out of the 32 well-known brands. This comes with an average score of 3.5/5.0. It is not good as Ford is not in the top 10, but at the same time, it is not in the bottom 10 either. So how did Ford end up in 21st place?

The Ford Company didn’t fall back on reliability. The reason main reason why Ford dropped back was that Japanese car manufacturers started to pop up in the scene. The Japanese cars attracted more customers because they’re reliable. With brands like Toyota, Mazda, and Honda, they delivered reliable machines. Now even Kia is trying to latch onto the top reliability rankings.

The largest-ever recall in Ford’s history didn’t help their cause either. Ford Explorer SUVs were recalled due to a software issue and reportedly a transmission problem as well. There were also reports of issues within the steering wheel.

Japanese cars entering the market and some bad engineering choices by the Ford company led to its downfall. Though it is considered alright to be in the average bracket when it comes to reliability, Ford always sets their standards high with the records they hold from their history.

But can the same be said about the 2015 Ford Edge problems?

2015 Ford Edge Problems

The Ford Edge had a good reputation when it was released at first. The first-ever model the 2004 Ford Edge didn’t have many complaints. But it didn’t follow the same type of performance record. A steady rate of issues popped up for users. It started in 2007 and continued until 2017. Ever since 2017, the model has been on the right track.

The 2015 Edge did consist of a few problems. It wasn’t the best year for Ford Edge. Here are some of the few 2015 Ford Edge problems.

2015 Ford Edge Problems #1: Electronics

This was one of the worst problems that plagued the Ford Edge model, and the 2015 model year was no exception. Any component that is electronic falls into this category. The 2015 Ford Edge suffered most of its problems with the screen in the dashboard.

This wasn’t specific to any one type of being problematic. Rather, the owner’s complaints were spread throughout various other gadgets.

One of the most common issues was the reverse camera failed to function. In some cases, it was the reverse camera malfunctioning. But in most cases, it was the display.

The problem continued with many more problems surfacing. Some of the complaints that were mentioned by the owners include display screen blacks out, unable to update software, issues with pairing external devices, SD data card failure in the GPS system, and the display freezing up (this wasn’t as common as the others and often was just a one-time thing. As the car restarted it was back to normal.), these are some of the most common issues with Ford Edge electronics.

2015 Ford Edge Problems #2: Body Integrity

The external body of the car is responsible for keeping you safe. With the Ford Edge, this was one of the problems constantly being picked up. Squeaks, rattles, wind noise,  loose or cracked seals, and air and water leaks were found in the car.

One of the common problems was with the rear door. The seals weren’t tight enough, and when driven through dirt or mud, they found their way through the seals. The problem caused rusting in the body close to the edges of the rear doors.

Another area with leaks was the sunroof. When driving through or having just parked in rainy weather, water leaks through the sunroof. This caused mold along the carpet and the cargo area.

When driving through snow or equally cold weather, the windows were known to freeze up. This was present till the temperature of the car rose. Until you find a warm spot the windows were known not to function.

2015 Ford Edge Problems #3: Oil Leaks

Oil leaks can be frustrating. The Ford Edge has been coming up with a ton of oil leaks. It is not from the pistons, the crankshaft, or the camshaft. In most cases, an oil leak in a Ford Edge came from the oil pan. The oil pan gasket seems to be a serious issue with the model as many owners have experienced this.

Even after a  dealership replacement, the issue doesn’t stop. The probability that the oil pan gasket doesn’t fail during the warranty period is rare. The stock oil pan gasket rarely lasts over 2 years. Even the replacement doesn’t last that long. The dealership will offer a free replacement if your car is within the warranty period. The drivetrain warranty period for a Ford Edge is 5 years or 60,000 miles.

2015 Ford Edge Problems #4: Loss Of Power Steering

Even though a power steering failure being a 2015 Ford Edge problem is rare, it is not unheard of. The problem was with the steering gear motor. The bolts would reportedly corrode, which could result in the motor coming loose while driving. Losing the power steering at high speeds will make it impossible to keep your car in control.

The 2013 and 2016 model year Ford Edge was recalled for this issue but the 2015 Ford Edge wasn’t. This probably means that the issue is really rare, and not to be worried about as much as the other issues.

2015 Ford Edge problems weren’t the worst we have seen throughout the years of its production. But it certainly cannot be ignored.

Ford Edge power steering wheel

2015 Ford Edge Problems #5: Transmission Glitches

A reliable transmission is crucial for smooth driving, and the 2015 Ford Edge has had its share of hiccups in this department. Some drivers reported hard shifts when changing gears. Others noticed sudden jerking when transitioning between gears or a delay in acceleration after pushing the gas pedal.

These issues not only hinder the driving experience but can also indicate deeper problems within the transmission system. Regular servicing is recommended to keep these troubles at bay, and for those already facing this issue, a visit to a trusted mechanic can provide clarity on potential solutions.

2015 Ford Edge Problems #6: Brake Concerns

Safety comes first, and brake issues challenge that principle. Some 2015 Ford Edge owners experienced decreased brake efficiency over time. Unusual noises when applying brakes, spongy brake pedals, or even vibrations were noted as frequent concerns.

Brake pads and rotors naturally wear out, but premature wear has been a specific gripe with this model. Regular inspections are the key. Ensuring your brakes are in optimal condition not only guarantees a safe drive but also potentially saves you from costly future repairs.

2015 Ford Edge Problems #7: Cooling System

An optimally functioning cooling system ensures your vehicle’s engine remains within a safe temperature range. However, the 2015 Ford Edge faced several cooling system-related complaints. Overheating was often reported, especially during longer drives or under heavy load.

Leaking coolant and malfunctioning thermostats were also on the list of concerns. Monitoring the engine temperature and conducting periodic checks on the cooling system can help you identify and address issues before they escalate.

2015 Ford Edge Problems #8: Suspension Issues

A smooth ride is one of the selling points of any SUV. Regrettably, the 2015 Ford Edge fell short for some owners. Common complaints included a noisy suspension, especially over bumps, and a rougher ride than expected. These issues might be related to worn-out struts or other suspension components.

It’s essential to get a professional to assess any unusual noises or feelings when driving. By staying proactive, you can ensure a comfortable journey and protect other parts of the vehicle from the undue stress caused by a failing suspension.

2015 Ford Edge Problems #9: Fuel System Faults

Fuel system glitches are not just annoying; they can be expensive. Some owners have pinpointed problems with the 2015 Ford Edge’s fuel pump. Symptoms often manifest as a sputtering engine, difficulty starting the vehicle, or even sudden stalling.

It’s vital to be aware of these issues as they can pose safety risks, especially if the vehicle stalls in traffic. Regular maintenance and inspections can catch these problems early, ensuring your vehicle remains reliable and safe on the road.

2015 Ford Edge Problems #10: Air Conditioning Hitches

Comfort is king, especially during the hot months. A consistent theme among some 2015 Ford Edge owners was the unreliability of the air conditioning system. Complaints ranged from weak airflow to the AC intermittently blowing warm air.

A malfunctioning AC is not just about comfort; it can indicate issues like refrigerant leaks or a failing compressor. Hence, if you notice any irregularities in the AC performance, it’s advisable to have it checked immediately.

In conclusion, while the 2015 Ford Edge is a reputable model with plenty of perks, it’s not without its drawbacks. By staying informed about common issues and conducting regular vehicle check-ups, owners can ensure they get the most out of their vehicles.

Ford Edge Problems By Model Year

Did the Ford Edge ever improve on its performance? The Ford Edge’s reliability ratings haven’t been steady. Comparing it with the 2015 Ford Edge, this was not the best year for the Edge but not the worst either. Let’s look at the stats.

Ford Edge owners have reported a total of 11,223 problems with their cars built in the 16 model years. And 2021 models are fairly new, so not many problems with the model have been known.

The first-gen Ford Edge had a good start with not many problems under them. The 2007 and 2008 model years were quite bad, but improvements can be seen in the 2009 and 2010 models of the car.

The first-gen Edge’s downfall began in 2011. A record of 2216 complaints was received. They had not seen the worst yet. Though 2012 was fairly better, 2013 was an all-time high with 2500+ complaints received. 2014 was a better year for the model with much fewer issues among them.

Ford Edge opened a new chapter in 2015. New advancements were made in technology. The first year of this rebuilt Ford Edge launch was not the best and certainly was not what Ford hoped for. 502 complaints surfaced against the 2015 Ford Edge. Not the worst numbers the Ford Edge has seen. Ever since then the technology behind the SUV hasn’t changed much just the development of what existed commenced regularly. The problems show a steady decrease ever since 2015 up to 2021.

Ford Edge Problems

The 2015 Ford Edge certainly had its own share of problems. But this was not the worst Ford Edge as mentioned earlier. Let us look at some problems other models of the Ford Edge faced.

Ford Edge Problems #1: Faulty Air Bags

2016 and 2017 models were known for this problem. The cars were recalled in February 2017. The problem was that the airbag wasn’t fully inflating or gets detached during impact. This was one of the serious problems Ford Edge faced after its launch in 2015.

These defects make the Edge units fail the requirements set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS), making them unsafe to drive. Ford offered a free airbag replacement for anyone who takes these models to an official dealership.

Prior to this model, the 2007 and 2008 model years were also recalled for an airbag-related issue. The airbags were not inflating properly in those models as well.

Ford Edge Problems #2: Noise From The Wheels

The noises heard weren’t actually generated from the wheels but the area surrounding them. Models from 2007 to 2014 were among the affected. The clicking sounds that were heard usually originated after 75,000 miles driven.

The reports mostly stated that the sound was heard from the front passenger side wheels. The main cause was too much clearance between the wheel and its plastic cladding. Replacing the plastic cladding was the only known solution.

Ford Edge Problems #3: Door Ajar Light Staying On

This issue was popular with the 2013 model. The electrical issues plagued this year of Ford Edge. There had been multiple interior malfunctions, such as the sunroof or Bluetooth problems were known. The most troublesome was the door-ajar light.

This light usually remained alight on after the door was securely closed. The thought of it might seem like a small problem. However, this could have many effects in the long run. Other than draining the battery, owners often left their doors unlocked by mistake. This issue was also seen in the 2012 and 2011 models.

Ford Edge Problems #4: A/C Overheats

The 2011 Ford Edge suffered due to this. Owners stated that this was more common in hot weather. Other than the fact that it will blow hot air at you, most probably it will simply not work.  This usually happens when the vehicle has already logged around 120,000 miles. According to some reports, the cooling fan and timing belt needed to be replaced to solve the problem.

Ford Edge Problems #5: Transmission Failure

Though the transmission woes were not as bad as the electrical issues, they were costlier to fix. Plus, it often left the car unable to drive. The 2008 model was the model year that had the most dilemmas with the transmission. Nearly 20 owners suffered a failed transmission.

The problem started at around 80,000 miles. Though this was not that common, the transmissions cost over $3000 to fix. This made it a severe problem.

The issue was also known with the 2007 model year. Reports say that the transmission would suddenly collapse mid-drive and often followed up with a stalled engine.

Ford Edge Problems #6: Defective Fuel Tank

Commonly spread through the 2009 and 2010 models of the Ford Edge, the defective fuel tanks were hazardous. When left unchecked, it often proved to be a fire risk. The salt exposure caused the fuel tank to rust. This caused leaks at the fuel tank seam weld beneath the mounting reinforcement brackets.

Ford announced a recall for the issue in October 2015. When submitted to a licensed dealer, a free check-up was done. If the corrosion was beyond repair, the fuel tank was replaced, and if no damage was noted, a corrosion-preventing substance was applied and the tank was cleaned.

When looking at the above problems with the previous model years of the Ford Edge, going through the 2015 Ford Edge problems doesn’t seem half as bad. But newer models seem better.

Ford Edge Problems #7: Engine Problems

Engine issues in vehicles are always unsettling. Some Ford Edge owners, especially from the 2011 and 2013 models, reported engine issues. One such issue involved the engine stalling or shutting off while driving. This is dangerous and inconvenient. The root causes ranged from faulty sensors to a malfunctioning electronic throttle body. It’s crucial to be aware of these engine problems and address them promptly.

Ford Edge Problems #8: Water Leaks Inside the Cabin

Water leaks inside a car can lead to a host of problems, from mold to electrical issues. Some Ford Edge owners, particularly from the 2015 model year, complained about water leaking into the cabin. Leaks were often traced back to poorly sealed doors or sunroofs. Dealing with these leaks early can save owners a lot of inconvenience and potential damage in the future.

Ford Edge Problems #9: Brake Issues

Brakes are a pivotal component for vehicle safety. Several Ford Edge models, notably the 2008 and 2009 ones, have had reported brake problems. Owners complained about grinding noises, premature brake wear, and even the brakes failing in a few instances. Regular brake inspections can help identify and rectify such issues before they become critical.

Ford Edge Problems #10: Power Steering Failures

The power steering system is essential for easy maneuverability. Some Ford Edge owners, particularly of the 2011 model, reported sudden losses of power steering. This could happen due to a failure in the power steering motor or a malfunctioning sensor. Driving without power steering, especially at low speeds, can be challenging and dangerous.

Ford Edge Problems #11: Electrical System Failures

In addition to the already highlighted door-ajar light, there have been other electrical issues with the Ford Edge. Several models, especially between 2010 and 2013, experienced malfunctions in their touch screens, rearview cameras, and infotainment systems. Some even reported complete system failures. Regular system updates and checks can mitigate these issues.

Ford Edge Problems #12: Cooling System Malfunctions

While the A/C overheating was a major issue in some models, the Edge’s cooling system had its own set of challenges. Some 2007 and 2008 model owners reported that their vehicles overheated due to problems with the cooling system. The radiator, water pump, or even a simple thermostat could be the culprit. Keeping a close eye on the temperature gauge and periodic maintenance can prevent severe engine damage due to overheating.

Ford Edge Problems #13: Battery Drain Issues

A common gripe among some Ford Edge owners, especially those with the 2014 model, was the inexplicable battery drain. Even after replacing the battery, some reported that their cars wouldn’t start after being parked for a couple of days. The issue often traced back to malfunctioning electrical components or software glitches that kept certain systems running even when the car was off.

Ford Edge Problems #14: Rusting Issues

Several models of the Ford Edge, particularly from 2007 to 2010, reported rusting issues. The main affected areas were the wheel wells and the undercarriage. It’s a concern because significant rust can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle, especially if it affects crucial areas like the frame.

In conclusion, while the Ford Edge has been a popular mid-size SUV choice for many, like all vehicles, it has had its share of problems. Being aware of these issues can help potential buyers make informed decisions and current owners maintain their vehicles better. Regular maintenance, timely checks, and addressing issues promptly can ensure the Ford Edge runs smoothly for years.

Ford Edge Alternative

Before deciding on purchasing a 2015 Ford Edge, it is best to look at the competition as well. Depending on your needs, maybe a brand that Ford Edge is competing against would suit you better. But talking about reliability and durability begs the question of which would stand the test of time? Let us look at the comparison.

Ford Edge problems

Ford Edge vs. Chevrolet Equinox

The Chevrolet Equinox and Ford Edge both almost have the same life span. They are expected to survive at least 200,000 miles.

Here there is a problem with the Chevrolet Equinox. The Equinox is known to rust within 1-2 years. Like every other car, the Ford Edge is known to rust as well. Usually, the Ford Edge lasts 2-3 years before it starts to rust. Also, the rust impacts the Ford Edge less compared to the Chevrolet Equinox.

The Ford Edge seems to be a better purchase relative to the Chevrolet Equinox.

Ford Edge vs. Honda Pilot

Another competition for the Ford Edge is the Honda Pilot. If your Ford Edge doesn’t have any factory defects you can expect it to last up to 200,000 miles. On paper that is better than a Honda Pilot. A Honda Pilot is expected to deliver the best performance until 120,000 miles according to the manufacturer. But the Honda Pilot is known to last up to 300,000 miles.

Here again, the Ford Edge takes the edge due to the rust. The Honda Pilot is reported to rust just a few months after production. In the meantime, the Ford Edge would normally last 2 years before any signs of rust. Depending on the trim you buy, both models deliver almost the same level of fuel efficiency.

Ford Edge vs. Hyundai Santa Fe

Here you won’t find much to separate the two. Both the Ford Edge and the Hyundai Santa Fe will last around 200,000 miles. The fuel economy doesn’t differ drastically either.

There is one advantage Ford Edge is going to hold over the Hyundai Santa Fe. That would be maintenance. Hyundai Santa Fe is known to require much more maintenance compared to the Ford Edge.

So here, the Ford Edge takes the win.

Ford Edge vs.  Nissan Murano

Certainly, the Nissan Murano wins the style points here. Ford Edge soldiers on with stellar safety figures and good value in affordable versions. Even though the Nissan Murano is one of the best-designed cars in the category and consists of a phenomenal powertrain, it has some issues of its own.

The car is not known to be as reliable as the Ford Edge. Also, the fuel economy is lower in the Nissan Murano. The main issue with the Nissan Murano is the price. While the Ford Edge is much more affordable, the Nissan Murano is a bit on the expensive side.

Ford Edge vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee

With the iconic look, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has its own fan base. It is capable of tracking through tough terrain just as much as the Ford Edge, and on paper, it’s slightly more reliable than the Ford Edge.

The problem with the Jeep Grand Cherokee is that it doesn’t have a hybrid version yet. This causes the V8 engine to gulp through the fuel which is worse than any SUVs in the competition.

Safety-wise, the Ford Edge holds a slight edge against the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Overall both are fine rides. To pick a better one between the two is hard.

The best thing to do is to do your research before making a purchase. The Ford Edge is not without its faults. The same can be seen in its competitors as well. Before drawing to conclusions, knowledge about what you can afford and what seems more reliable can only be attained through research. Most of all, try to pick a car that you can handle if you ever come across any factory defects.

Buying A 2015 Ford Edge

After checking out the competition and checking out the 2015 Ford Edge problems, if you do decide to buy one, you might think about the pros and cons that come with the 2015 Ford Edge.


Like every other car, Ford Edge has its own set of problems. But other than the faults when it comes out of the line-up, what else are the faults with this car?

If you compare this with its competitors, it is not the nicest-looking SUV on the market. For a small SUV, it is very boxy and bulky. The point is it is not for everyone. But some might be attracted to this design as well.

Some of the features offered with this car are garbage. Let’s take a heated steering wheel. Why do we need to pay extra money for a heated steering wheel? If you really need some warmth, crank the heater up and the blowers towards you. Or you could wear a pair of gloves. Though this is a nice feature it is unnecessary.

Another one of these features was the vented seat. It was targeted to keep the air circulating in warmer climates and heat it in cold weather. This is what the AC is for. And the seats, they don’t seem to make a drastic change anyway.


There are many things that the 2015 Ford Edge offers that the competitors cannot. For starters, the 2.7-liter V6 engine generates a lot of power given that it’s a 4-cylinder engine. Another major advantage is the improved steering system. It gives much more control and drastically reduces rollover accidents at higher speeds.

Another amazing feature is the hands-free liftgate that is activated by you moving your foot in front of an electronic sensor that is located under the back bumper. This will come in handy when your hands are full and you want to load the trunk. Can’t ignore the excess legroom either.

There is a load of useful extra features to look into as well.

The bottom line is you are buying a Ford Edge, the newer the car the better. You will find fewer problems with newer models. It is best to stay away from 2013, 2011, and some other older models as their reputations are stained. 2017 and upwards are generally better years for the Ford Edge. If you buy the 2015 Ford Edge, it is not the end of the world. The problems users face are few and far in between. Most are cheap fixes anyway.

Facts about the 2015 Ford Edge:

  1. The 2015 Ford Edge has an overall rating of 6/10, due to some expensive engine problems and high ownership costs.
  2. The suspension is smoother than other midsize SUVs, and interior materials are nice for the price.
  3. Visibility is poor with the large roof pillars, and there’s no third row available.
  4. There are a lot of reported engine and computer problems on the 2015 Ford Edge.
  5. Performance is average from the base engines, while the V6 found in the Sport model is quicker than most other midsize SUVs.
  6. Fuel economy is okay at up to 24 MPG, giving 460 miles of range from the 19.2-gallon gas tank.
  7. Regular annual maintenance costs are slightly higher than average at $517 per year.
  8. The base SE model is the entry-level model, while the Sport is the high-performance model.
  9. There are expensive mechanical problems paired with rapid depreciation, making the 2015 Ford Edge a bad long-term value.
  10. The 2015 Ford Edge should last around 200,000 miles, which is around 100,000 miles less than the top-rated Toyota Highlander.

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